Late into that night, and late into all the following nights, I lost myself in one of the many pachinko parlors in the deafening noise where you sit in front of your machine. One player among many, yet for that reason all the more alone and watch the countless metal balls dance between the nails on their way out or once in a while into a winning game. This game induces a kind of hypnosis, a strange feeling of mechanism. Winning is hardly important but time passes, you loose touch with yourself for a while, and learn to be a machine. Perhaps you forget, what you always wanted to forget.   –  Quote from the movie “Tokyo – Ga” directed by Wim Wenders


Many thanks to the following for all the technical help:

Roar Sletteland – Technical support
Stian Remvik – MaxMsp Programming
Johan Wahlgren – Machine construction


The project received funding from Norwegian Arts Council, Vederlagsfondet, and the Municipality of Bergen.